Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Thing #13

Tag! You're it! I have finally uploaded all of my "favorites" and "bookmarks" to Now it's your turn. I think that social bookmarking sites such as delicious have so much potential in regards to information sharing. Today I discovered that you can create "Networks" and "Subscriptions" to further your delicious experience. A network is a hand-picked group of people that you create to share bookmarks with. This means that teachers and librarians could potentially create networks that include their students and/or parents for information sharing purposes. Subscriptions provide you with all of the information that has been recently tagged with your tags of choice. You can even create a subscription within a network which means that you will receive notice of specific tags within your specific network of friends. The professional development and networking opportunities that could be created with the use of subscriptions is endless. A teacher or librarian could create a network of all of the teachers in their school and then subscribe to specific areas of interest such as "science", "literature", "communication" and so forth. Additionally teachers and librarians can subscribe to general tags of "school_libraries", "education_technology", "lesson_plans" and more. Delicious is a fabulous way to organize and share information.

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