Thursday, July 16, 2009

Thing #6

So I finally got to learn how to create a trading card! For a couple of semesters now I have heard people talk about the trading cards they created in "23 Things". I can now join the club of people who have created a trading card in "23 Things".
I decided to create a penguin trading card, since penguins are a unit of study in second grade. I found an image from the Flickr Creative Commons website that had an Attribution-Non Commercial License. I then used the Trading Card Maker to work some magic and presto...the Penguin Trading Card was born!
I had never heard of mashups, or two web applications mashed together to form a new web application, before this assignment. The result of a mashup is a terribly creative tool. I had a lot of fun exploring them and I'm sure that students would feel the same way. The different mashups create great opportunities for students to display information creative ways that require higher-level thinking than pen and paper.

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